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Our Mission Statement

As the owner I understand the importance of quality and ensuring that we work with suppliers who can meet our standards. Fashion is dominated by large manufactures who pay low wages in unsafe conditions. My goal since starting this business has been to support businesses that generally struggle to make it in fashion. These are small owned businesses who are run by women, minorities, and those who are disabled. Often much smaller in scope and working for themselves or a small group. Empowering many to work for themselves and escape low poverty wages being paid directly for their work. It's an important vision for me and my company because I am a disabled woman who has struggled to find work for years.

Q: What are the locations of your suppliers?
Our headquarters is in Washington state, but we work with suppliers worldwide and elsewhere within the US. We have many suppliers from Canada, Pakistan, Palestine, and within several US states (Washington, California, New York, and Florida). Yes, some of them do include Chinese suppliers as well. We work with fair trade, fair work, and small women & people of color owned businesses. We vet and ask for certifications to make sure they meet safety standards and provide fair wages. This is an extremely important value to us.

Due to covid-19 the supply chain to China (and elsewhere) has been disrupted and we are currently working to move more of our supply chain out of China and into other markets. Our transition is including many new suppliers (with older stock being removed and/or discontinued) in areas like South Korea, India, and expanding within the US.

We understand if this is still not acceptable to some. We thank others who are supportive of our vision of seeing a cooperative world that works together with fair morals and values. We are in this together more than ever. We must stand in peace, but also in unwavering support for our fellow humans in this time of great unrest. Together we must do better. Thank you once again!